5000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Fully animated high quality GIFs.


Current size of collection: 1734
Collection is frozen at the moment.
Next Mint date to be decided. 1st of Nov, 2022, at the latest.


We will not change the rarity system, the collection is complete at 5K. The rarity is built around 5000 unique ForeverBots. We will release ALL of them over time. We will never burn our bots.


0.15 ETH.


Create a new class of 1000 NFTs.
Generate PFPs for all ForeverBots.
We are building a collective of artists we love. Foreverbot-holders will forever have utility within that collective.


PFP-production has started. If you are a holder of a ForeverBot you will be able to download a matching PFP from our website. PFP will be a still image specially designed for use as a profile picture. Available 1st of July, 2022.


If you own a bot with the number 1734 or below you are in the 1734_CLUB. No matter how or when you got it. You are special and will be prioritised. Buy any bot between 1-1734 at any time to join the club.


Will go to production. We have learned a lot and want to take this class to new heights both from a design and animation perspective and also from a Web3 perspective. Edition of 1000. Holders only. Deadline 4th of Nov, 2022.


No discord. All vibes on Twitter. Follow @ForeverBots for the most up to date information about the project.


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